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Karen Gillan in Oculus (2013)

So this is the story
of Amy’s raggedy friend
they’re now both sleeping forever
and all good things find an end.


OhmyGod I never noticed that in the first gif it looks like Matt said something dirty to Karen, which she appreciates, and the Cyberman overhears and is like WTF?

i just saw Oculus with my roommate and I’m so impressed. Honestly, it’s one of my favorite horror movies ever! I left the theatre with a sense of dread and Karen was so good in it!!! So CREEPY

“She’s just the weirdest person in the world. And she’s, like, so pretty, but what’s amazing about karen is that her beauty is not part of her personality at all. She’s so unaware of it. You know how some people are really beautiful and they go, “Oh, I’m beautiful,” but she’s really not, and she’s really funny and really ridiculous.”

51- 53 of ? favorite photos of Karen Gillan


Karen Gillan on set of new pilot “Selfie” (21 March 2017)

the Scot Who Will Conquer Hollywood